What is your Do Not Disturb Me Time?
19,07,2020 Andy S Comments (0)
What is your Do Not Disturb Me Time?

Everybody is a fan of something. Wether it be a fan of a certain music artist, certain songs, and certain films. Of course, millions of fans have their own favourite television show. It is unknown why some shows gather more fans than others. With a selection creating what is called a cult following. Is it the characters, is it the stories, are certain episodes engraved in people’s minds more than most. Whatever the reason, television has provided more hours of entertainment that perhaps any other form of medium. Drama, comedy, sci-fi, factual, reality. Whatever the genre, it will have an audience. A selection of shows have also created names for their particular fandoms. Doctor Who have the “Whovians.” Star Trek have the “Trekki’s.” Game of Thrones are the “Thronies.” Just to name a few.

It can be pain of death if when those shows are on the air, you are disturbed. A banner, or a front page kind of spread is echoed across the home “WHEN THIS IS ON, DO NOT DISTURB ME!”

Why not have a mug placed in front of those individuals, blatantly expressing DO NOT DISTURB WHILE I’M WATCHING….. For me personally it’s when the tones of the trumpet echo across Weatherfield and the sight of the Rovers Return is a NO GO AREA for disturbing me. That is MY time to take a trip down the most popular street in Britain and for those 30 minutes, I’m in my own private world.

We have a selection of mugs that feature tv logo’s of shows that have a “DO NOT DISTURB” following. Either it’s time for you and the family to sit down together, or a show that you have followed so fondly that when it returns, you are hyped up to the extreme and a knock at the door or a shout or your name is NO GO ZONE!

Browse our selection of mugs, and any ideas of your favourite shows, send a message via our contact page or leave a comment bellow.

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